Course Detail


Program Name Web Designing

JavaScript introduces students to the basics of JavaScript, one of today's leading web development languages. The course requires knowledge of HTML and CSS and is an ideal transition from HTML into more advanced web technologies and Web 2.0 tools. As students explore the fundamentals of JavaScript, they gain an understanding of how to implement interactivity, special effects, and enhanced functionality in web development. The course features current web-standards compliance techniques for the web and covers the most up-to-date practices in JavaScript. For students new to programming, the course is even more enriching as it covers basic computer programming concepts and introduces the concepts of variables, operators, arrays, conditional statements, loops and functions--all an indispensable part of higher level languages like C, C++, and Java. Students do not need to purchase any software in order to successfully complete this class. This course is appropriate for advanced middle school and high school students. Students are expected to be familiar with standard computer operations (e.g., login, cut & paste, email attachments, etc.). Students are strongly encouraged to take a free online placement test before enrolling in this course.