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Program Name Web Designing

JQuery is one of the most popular frameworks on the web that deals with client-side scripting for styling web pages and performing asynchronous events. It's built on the JavaScript language, so anyone familiar with the JavaScript language will pick up on jQuery quickly. The framework hides many of the complex functions that you need to work with to code events in JavaScript, which has made it one of the favorites for frontend developers. If you want to get into frontend design and coding, the jQuery framework is definitely a must. It's a part of almost ever website that has client-side script for design and user responsiveness. In this lesson, we'll teach you jQuery basics to get you started with frontend coding. First, we show you the basics including jQuery syntax and common tools. We then show you how to get started with a basic HTML page that includes the jQuery framework library file. We then show you selectors, which is the foundation of jQuery syntax that works with an HTML document. We show you how to work with animations and manipulations with different HTML properties, events, classes, and attributes. After you learn the basics, we get into more advanced functionality including event handling and overriding default browser behavior. We also have a chapter with a brief introduction of AJAX and how you can use it with jQuery to retrieve data from a remote server. Finally, we give you three lessons that contain full examples of jQuery code. If you want to design frontend code, jQuery is a must and will be included in almost every page you'll work with.